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I just blazed with this song on repeat and something's been bugging me for the last 15 minutes..
Anyway....i'm having an existential crisis here (i think) and i need to unload this crap somewhere pronto. 

So..there's this channel on youtube. And i've seen every single video on this channel.
While being a reggae kinda guy, i can say that these songs are the best reggae songs i've listened to.
Sometimes i just can't stand the people i'm surrounded with and i find myself listening to this.
It's hard for me to grasp the fact that not many people know about it.
Maybe im just too high to figure out whats going on right now, but i think i'm onto something.
Tried to reach out to subscribers but not a lot of people understand me, because 99% of the comments on the entire channel are in portugese or whatever the fuck this language is. 
By the way, this shit should be shared, and i mean that in the "share the shit outta this shit" kinda way. 

So..i'm a 24 yrold quasi pothead nerd gamer, normal childhood, not so normal adolescence; there were some questional decisions in my life (420). I'm on probation -_-
Pretty much a normal dude =)

Stuck in betweed seasonal jobs or whatever they're called, i've somehow acquired a it a perspective lol
I kinda resent that i'm here..right a..let's say a stagnating world.
I mean c'mon people..wake up. Look arround you. Can't you see the shit that's going on all arround the globe?
Look at that ISIS bullshit and the migrations, mass extinctions, California droughts, global warming and whatnot.
Just google whatever issue you can think of..there's probably a country somewhere just waiting to be googled.
Dig deep enough and you'll probably come across a bunch of environmentalists that think they have a solution.
Save the planet? Let's face it. This planet is 4.5 billion years old, and human species has been arround for like 200k years.
There's no need to save the planet. The planet is doing just fine. The people are not tho.
And i believe that this beautiful blue marble gliding arround in space will simply sneeze and humans will be gone.

Now here's the fucked up part.
Don't you think that all these problems can be solved with a simple global agreement?
Let's invest 5% of all financial wealth in the world in eliminating harmful emissions from fossil fuels.
Mass produce some fucking hemp biodiesel cars/trains/planes.
Find smart people that actually want to help the ones in need, give them recourses like fresh food and clean water and see what happens.
I mean how hard can it be?

Why aren't these problems being solved?
Money? Religion? Ethinicity?
There is so much irrelevant shit people are concerned about. And it just makes me sad and depressed.
We're living in an era where a bunch of drawings on a piece paper or a bird engraved on a disc shaped alloy is basically food and shelter.
The fact that money has been arround for so long just makes me sick. I see money as means to generate diversity.
Did you know there are over 7000 languages spoken today only?

I don't wanna drag this out too much, i haven't slept in a while and im high af.

My honest opinion is that there isn't enough people that see the world the way i see it.

If there were enough people like me i bet things would change rapidly. For better or worse, i'm not really sure.
But we wouldn't be stuck in place, unaware of our "impending doom" situation, unaware of the solution, and left alone with a handful of life choices that only improve our own situation.
Be it financial or spiritual it doesn't really matter.
Eventually our lifespans will end, and nothing significant will happen.
You think that we'll see another Einstein or Tesla anytime soon? In this era of institutionalized education?

If you do you're fucking delusional.


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